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Twitter’s downtime has not improved

SAN FRANCISCO, November 19, (, the global uptime monitoring service, has reported Twitter, the phenomenally fast-growing community site, has not improved upon its uptime statistics, according to the results of a study in which the front page of was continually monitored over the past 12 months and failed to show an increase in uptime.

“People everywhere have come to love the Twitter site, and this has made it a household name,” said Andrew Stock, the international sales director of “So, the operators of the site should consider it a responsibility to improve their uptime, since the experience of downtime will frustrate Twitter users and damage the site’s reputation.”

Month Uptime Percentage
October 2008 99.78
November 2008 99.32
December 2008 99.97
January 2009 99.92
February 2009 99.85
March 2009 99.77
April 2009 99.85
May 2009 99.42
June 2009 99.85
July 2009 99.92
August 2009 99.15
September 2009 99.83
October 2009 99.18
November 2009 99.91

Twitter has suffered considerable downtime over the past year. In fact, for the purpose of comparison has also monitored Facebook and MySpace. The Facebook and MySpace sites have an uptime of 100%, meaning there is virtually no occurrence of frustrated access among visitors.

“Any company that has an uptime statistic of less than 99.9% should definitely work to improve the situation,” Stock said. “After all, downtime is never helpful. Instead, it costs money, damages your reputation and decreases page views.” It is our business, as a global monitoring service, to keep our clients informed of their site performance so that potential problems can be handled proactively. There is simply no reason that any major site should accept the occurrence of downtime.” is dedicated to the accurate, reliable monitoring of websites and servers from multiple locations worldwide, serving customers from its North American office in San Francisco, California. Checkpoints are located in various countries, including U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, China and Australia. The 12-month study described above involved the monitoring of website front pages exclusively; no aspect of maintenance was considered in the research.

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